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Luxury Acrylic Spas and Wooden Hot Tubs

Gordon & Grant is Santa Barbara's exclusive authorized dealer of Jacuzzi®, Sundance®, and Marquis® Spas. Visit our downtown showroom to see Jacuzzi® models as well as our custom wooden hot tubs. Visit our Goleta showroom to see Sundance® and Marquis® spas. Spas are as individual as people, so take your shoes off, climb on into a few gorgeous hot tubs, and determine which one is the perfect fit for you and your family.

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Gordon & Grant Santa Barbara, California

This Jacuzzi J210 is certainly one-of-a-kind! Set in vintage metal bunker, a crane was used for this installation in the Santa Barbara Foothills.

Gordon & Grant Refugio Canyon | Goleta, California

Sometimes we have to pull out all stops to help customers realize their dream spa. Craning a Marquis "Spirit" into Refugio Canyon.

Gordon & Grant Santa Barbara, California

This Bel Air Knolls backyard has the perfect place for happy hour—a Jacuzzi J-245 and a Channel Islands view.

Gordon & Grant Santa Barbara, California

Red-tiled rooftops make a signature statement in a Santa Barbara city view. This lucky Sundance spa gets to enjoy it 24/7 (and so do the lucky owners).

Gordon & Grant Westside | Santa Barbara, California

Sunken into a real wood deck—for easy access—sits a Jacuzzi J-335 on Santa Barbara's Westside.

Gordon & Grant Foothills | Goleta, California

This Sundance Optima spa seats up to 7 people—who can enjoy the breathtaking view of Santa Barbara from this mountain residence.

Gordon & Grant Riviera | Santa Babara, California

If you can replicate resort living, go for it. This gorgeous setting on Santa Babara's Riviera called for just the right spa and Jacuzzi delivered.

Gordon & Grant Montecito, California

There is something captivating about rectangles upon rectangles upon rectangles. A square Jacuzzi spa takes its rightful place in an angular deck in Montecito.

Gordon & Grant Carpinteria, California

This Jacuzzi spa is happy and contented set among succulents, a water trough, and a split-rail fence. A little bit country, a lot wow factor in the Carpinteria foothills.

Gordon & Grant Santa Barbara, California

The evening cityscape from the Santa Barbara foothills is only made better by a Jacuzzi J465. No frills needed.

Gordon & Grant Santa Ynez, California

A majestic oak sets the tone for this Jacuzzi. Inspired by the colors of the Santa Ynez Valley and the unintended vibrancy of brown and beige.

Gordon & Grant Mesa | Santa Barbara, California

There's nothing quite like watching the fishing boats come in while relaxing in a Sundance spa from the bluff of the Santa Barbara Mesa.

Gordon & Grant Hope Ranch | Santa Barbara, California

No words needed. Suffice with "Aaaahhh..." and a glass of wine. Jacuzzi in Hope Ranch.

Gordon & Grant Santa Barbara, California

It only takes a little imagination to set a Jacuzzi J345 on a small deck under a beautiful trellis. A Santa Barbara backyard is transformed.

Gordon & Grant Carpinteria, California

In the foothills of Carpinteria, graced by agave plants, this Jacuzzi only makes life better at a ranch house with spectacular views.

Gordon & Grant Santa Barbara, California

The mix of wood and stone makes an inviting entrance to a Jacuzzi, on Santa Barbara's Riviera especially when the waterfall beckons.

Gordon & Grant Santa Barbara, California

Set gracefully among bamboo in a Santa Barbara backyard, this Marquis "Promise" spa enhances the natural simplicity and serenity.

Gordon & Grant Montecito, California

An 8'x4' Western Red Cedar in Montecito is the centerpiece for the most beautifully landscaped backyard.

Gordon & Grant Malibu, California

A stunning ocean backdrop accompanies this 8'x4' Western Red Cedar hot tub in Malibu.

Gordon & Grant Santa Barbara, California

Situated near the fire pit, this Downtown Santa Barbara modern backyard, designed by Grace Design, features a Gordon & Grant 6' round cedar hot tub.

Gordon & Grant Mission Canyon | Santa Barbara, California

Set in a Japanese setting with bamboo and flowing streams, this oval Gordon & Grant redwood hot tub completes this Santa Barbara oasis.

Gordon & Grant Marina Del Rey, California

Perched atop the fourth floor deck in Marina Del Rey—showcasing outdoor living at its finest—sits a 4' round Gordon & Grant western red cedar hot tub.

Gordon & Grant Riviera | Santa Barbara, California

This Santa Barbara property positioned a giant 8' round Gordon & Grant redwood hot tub into the rocky hillside.

Gordon & Grant Hollister Ranch | Gaviota, California

The view says it all! This Hollister Ranch property features a 6' round Gordon & Grant cedar hot tub.

Gordon & Grant Barker Pass | Santa Barbara, California

Looking over all of Santa Barbara, this Riviera home enjoys a 6' round Gordon & Grant cedar hot tub.

Gordon & Grant Summerland, California

A 6' round Gordon & Grant redwood hot tub is sunken in the glass-enclosed deck for unobstructed views.

Gordon & Grant Foothills | Santa Barbara, California

High above the city clouds in the Santa Barbara Foothills sits a 6' round Gordon & Grant redwood hot tub.

Gordon & Grant San Antonio Creek | Santa Barbara, California

This San Antonio Creek home features an 8' round Gordon & Grant Alaskan yellow cedar hot tub complete with an Alaskan cedar wooden roll top cover—surrounded by flagstone walkways and full city views.

Gordon & Grant Downtown | Santa Barbara, California

Nestled in this quaint Downtown Santa Barbara home is an 8' round Gordon & Grant redwood hot tub surrounded by a stunning flagstone hardscape.

Gordon & Grant Big Sur, California

Installed by a crane on the edge of the cliff sits an 8' round Gordon & Grant Alaskan yellow cedar hot tub sunken in an IPE deck for panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Gordon & Grant Santa Ynez, California

A massive 10' round Gordon & Grant red cedar hot tub was installed as a highlight of the wrap around deck in this Santa Ynez home.